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We can assist and advise you not only in the provision of a simple will, but also with your more complex requirements, for instance, ensuring that your estate passes to those you intend without payment of unnecessary taxation and also in establishing trusts.

We are also happy to discuss amendments to and reviews of your Will.

If you have been appointed an Executor in someone's Will or if you are the next of kin of a person who has died leaving no Will, we can provide assistance in the administration of any estate whether large or small, including all matters from the valuation of a simple estate, to advice on the calculation and payment of inheritance tax, completion of estate tax returns and the preparation of final accounts and distributions to beneficiaries.

We are happy to offer a free half hour's advice scheme, in order that you can decide how best we can assist you, whether you simply require our help to point you in the right direction, or whether you require us to deal with the entire administration for you. In all cases, we provide a realistic written quotation for our work, at the outset, so that you can make an informed decision.

In addition, the department offers appropriate conveyancing services. This means that, if there is a property to be sold or transferred, you can benefit from the increased speed and continuity that results from your conveyancing transaction being supervised by someone who is already familiar with your particular requirements and the progress of the estate.

For your convenience, we are also able to assist in arranging such practical matters as house clearance, meter reading, repairs and maintenance and gardening at the deceased's property.

If you are worried about how you would manage your affairs if you were to become mentally incapable, or you are simply leaving the country temporarily on holiday, or for business purposes, and wish to allow someone to manage your affairs for you then please contact us for a Power of Attorney to suit your requirements.

Contact us for a quote using either our online enquiry form or on 01302 329504.

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